Experience some of the most beautiful and remote places on Earth in unique ways, staying in villages that benefit directly from your presence. These award-winning, sustainable holidays offer unforgettable experiences, with wonderful walking, culture & discovery.
We offer a tailor-made service and look after you all the way - right from the moment of your arrival.

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Our Destinations The Himalayas (India & Nepal), Ethiopian Mountains, South India, Rajasthan

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Tigers in India

A recent national survey has revealed tiger numbers in India are recovering. Our communities in the south are reporting more and more sightings of this most iconic and beautiful big cat

A taste of the warm south

South India's cuisine is justly famous, and makes great use of amazing local produce. Try our really simple banana roti recipe for a tasty snack at home.

A 'charming' coastal idyll in Karnataka

How our coastal community in Karnataka, southern India, has taken extra steps to look after the house and the guests!