Working together to make great travel experiences

There is a network of people involved in making Village Ways and your Village Ways holiday a success, and we are spread across continents. The wonders of today's technology enable us to work together, to share our knowledge and skills to create wonderful holidays helping sustain rural communities.

Our Communities in India and Nepal

For this shared value enterprise to have a strong social value, to offer exciting rewarding experience to guests and to become a profitable and vibrant enterprise success has to make its way up and not down.

Most important are the village communities with whom you stay. In each destination the Village Tourism Enterprise is an autonomous business belonging to the community. Each village owns and manages your accommodation, typically a specially constructed or restored village guest-house. They cook and serve meals, and also introduce you to themselves and their way of life. Guides and porters as well as cooks and cleaners are all part of their team.

Village Ways Travels – creating great holidays, offering great customer service

Village Ways is the trading name of Village Ways Travels Pvt Ltd, a holiday company based in India and focused on offering holidays to the many Village Tourism Enterprises created by the Village Ways Partnership. We put together each holiday with great care ensuring that each guest is looked after from the moment of arrival. We select transfers and travel arrangements, en route hotels and city visits to complement the wonderful stays with the village communities. We are based in India and we propose the holidays on this website for international guests from any country. In booking with us you can be assured of the quality of care and attention to detail throughout your journey.

Whatever destination you choose, India, Nepal or Ethiopia, your booking is made through our sales team in India. We have direct national phone lines to our offices from the UK, France and India, please call us or send an email or online reservation: we will handle your queries and help you through your booking. Once on holiday you will be supported by Village Ways local staff, who work with the communities to ensure that you are well cared for.

Village Ways Partnership

Behind the scenes is the Village Ways Partnership, its goal being the improvement of rural livelihoods through community-based tourism. It is the creator of the Village Tourism Enterprises, the guardian of Village Ways' standards, nourishing on-going projects and researching and encouraging new ones. It also provides consultancy on international promotion and marketing, IT development and links with responsible tourism and other relevant bodies. As well as making the Village Tourism Enterprise available to Village Ways Travels to sell it also partners with local tour operators in other countries to promote the villages.

In all of our work, the Village Ways Partnership supports activities, bringing international expertise in a variety of fields. The Partnership is headed by Manisha Pande, who has led the Mumbai team since its formation and now leads all of Village Ways.

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Village Ways Charitable Trust

The Village Ways Trust raises funds and works to spread the livelihood benefits of Village Ways' tourism projects more widely, to reach beyond the immediate communities involved. Read more about the Trust here

Village Ways Founders' Charter

Village Ways Partnership has created a set of principles upon which our work is based. Click here for details.

Click here to read our responsible tourism policy

"The guides.... Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, an encyclopaedic knowledge of birds...very acute hearing, and the great ability to tune into what it was we were most interested in. Also, the invaluable ability to walk silently, and volunteer information where appropriate without having to be asked all the time."