What Our Guests Say

We are delighted by the wonderful feedback we receive from our guests. All comments and suggestions are fed back to the communities to ensure that our high standards continue to be met.


Several guests have agreed to act as Village Ways' Advisors, and share their experiences with you, to help give you the best possible insight into what to expect from our holidays. If you would like to speak to a guest who has visited our communities in the area you are interested in, please contact us and we can arrange this.


"From Binsar to Kerala to Nepal it has been an absolute privilege and delight to join with Village Ways to discover the wonderful people in these communities. All travel plans and requests worked perfectly, our hosts, the village members, our guides and many more who contributed to our stays just made each destination the ideal holiday. Accommodation was very comfortable (and warm when required) and the food so fresh and flavoursome - our waistlines expanded!

A very important aspect of these holidays is the aim of sustainable development to keep these communities thriving. This takes a great deal of hard work from everyone involved with Village Ways and it would appear they are now being rewarded for this.

Despite all the wonderful sights, views, mountains, birds and food the most lasting memories are of the people of these communities who are so welcoming. I can't wait to go back again (and again)." - Janet O

"We had a wonderful time. We were so well looked after by everyone from start to finish. Taxi drivers, guides and villagers could all not do enough for our safety and comfort. It’s also nice to come back from a holiday not only a little bit fitter but also to know that your trip has directly helped rather than damaged the places and people who you have visited" - Clare I

"When a lifelong ambition to walk in the Himalayas became unlikely to be realised because of age and bad knees, I was thrilled to read an article in the Guardian about Village Ways. Not only would it give me at least the foothills of the Himalayas, but would also benefit local communities. What could be a better retirement present to myself? I too could write an article on what made this the holiday of a lifetime, but suffice it to say that the hair on the back of my neck still stands up when I recall that first morning watching the sun rise on the snow covered mountains. From the (also hair-raising) experience of New Delhi station at Diwali to travel along monsoon ravaged roads, our wonderful welcome at the Khali Estate, the kindness, the people, the food, the scenery..... We loved every minute of it: Himanshu Pande and his staff at Khali, our two fabulous guides, the guesthouses and lovely village people running them. Memories? A hug from an old lady who wanted me to stay and live with her in her village; celebrating Diwali in the headman's house in our first village; listening to cricket on a transistor radio with our guides. And always present, those wonderful, wonderful views. Would I recommend Village Ways? Without any doubt whatsoever - I only hope we travel again with them one day."  - Lynn B (Binsar, Indian Himalayas)


"(We) are safely home having thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Nepal which has been the well organised and memorable experience we have come to expect from Village Ways, thank you.

The guesthouses were all comfortable and cosy (the hot water bottles are always a treat). We were pleased to have two nights camping although with warm comfortable beds a much more luxurious standard of camping than we are used to. We enjoyed the walking, sometimes pleasant and sometimes more strenuous but always worthwhile, the views of the mountains were amazing. We particularly liked the village setting of the Teksingh guesthouse and we were pleased to have some extra days there which enabled us to attend a village wedding ceremony. The main highlight of this trip (and there have been many) has been our, hosts, villagers and our guides; what delightful folk. Everyone was so keen and eager to please, the housekeepers, cooks, porters - no exception; all friendly, kind and caring. We were overwhelmed by everyones kindness and warm hospitality. Our guides Sima and Tensing, were both attentive and friendly and their sense of fun infectious." - Helen P (Sailung, Nepal Himalayas)


"We loved being up in the Wayanad Hills. It was a very long day but the driver who collected us from the train was excellent and the women of Mothakkara were so welcoming and so mindful of us that we all would like to return to see how they get on. All the food we ate in the guesthouses was delicious but theirs was possibly the most excellent.We were sorry to have only one day with them but we walked around such an attractive village and countryside .And we had the joy of listening to the drumming women who absolutely loved what they did and delighted us with their enthusiasm. With our other two Village Ways holidays we have walked between villages so this was quite a different experience but equally enjoyable. I would definitely recommend it.
I sometimes think I use too many adjectives to describe our Village Ways times in India but it would be very difficult not to. They have been some of the most interesting travelling we have ever done." - Ronda A (Mothakkara, Wayanad hills - Kerala)

  "We know that India is still 75% villages, so the only way to see the essence of India is to immerse oneself in its villages. The VW approach is plenty comfortable and the food is delicious, the guides engaging and professional. The villages are sweet and peaceful." - Chuck L (Hulgol, Karnataka) 


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