In the words of our villages

Our partner villages are key to the success of Village Ways, and every guest visit brings benefits to them. Here, some of the people involved in the Binsar villages say what they feel about their work. The words were recorded at a meeting in 2014, by Pooja Manoor, our regional coordinator.

"I congratulate the committees, and Village Ways staff and Directors that we have been working for seven years without any issues or differences. Village Ways has always motivated us with positive thoughts and support for our shortcomings. We now have gender and age equality and we work as a family."

(Hem Joshi, guide & committee member, Dalar)

"The trust and faith between the committees and Village Ways is key to our business and work. Government policies change every five years but the clarity and transparency of Village Ways policies has not changed."

(Puran, Kathdhara, Binsar, Indian Himalayas).

"All the village committee members, guides and Village Ways staff and seniors had great respect for this project and due to mutual understanding we have worked for seven years and we hope it will be forever."

(Raju Mehta, guide).

Due the project we have learnt a lot and our knowledge of work has improved. It has given a great support, due to which we are still here in our village with our families. "

(Kaustab, guide & Committee member, Dalar)

"Due to the experience in Village Ways, we have unity in our work, the unity of our village has been strengthened due to this."

(Khim Singh guide & committee member, Gonap).

"In this project we have equal respect and understanding with each other. The committee does not focus only on money but on the work too. In business, ups and downs are always there."

(Nandan, Risal)

"We do have professional and personal arguments working together in the committee but we don’t allow these to affect our work! We diffuse and overcome our differences, while focussing on the job in hand."

(Kailash Joshi, Risal)

"This work has made me a humble person, I have gained knowledge in my work and humanity in my person. "

(Deepak Joshi, guide & committee member, Dalar)

"The ethos and policy of Village Ways is still alive: each person feels it is their business and they are not just doing a job."

(Kumer, Assistant Coordinator)

"In my years with Village Ways it has expanded in India and overseas but with the concept of providing a self-sustainable business to rural communities, which is really good and I am happy to be a part of it."

(Virender Bisht, Village Ways accountant)

"In my past job I have seen how people have been manipulated but here I have seen full transparency in the work. Each person connected with Village Ways is respected equally and given the right to speak and share their thoughts and view. There is no hierarchy in our organisation but each person takes their responsibility of their work. This kind of working environment is very rare and precious."

(Pooja Manoor, Coordinator)


From the communities

"Due to the experience in Village Ways, we have unity in our work, the unity of our village has been strengthened due to this." Khim Singh