Our communities in India and Nepal

lady in window, Saryu

There is a network of people involved in making Village Ways and your Village Ways holiday a success, and we are spread across continents. Most important are the village communities with whom you stay. Each village owns and manages your accommodation, typically a specially constructed or restored village guest-house, which is run as a village homestay by the village committee, benefitting the community rather than a single family. The local people cook and serve meals, and also introduce you to themselves and their way of life. Guides and porters as well as cooks and cleaners are all part of the team.


A specialist team, based in India

Manisha Pande

We are very proud of our sales office in India, where a small, dedicated team looks after guest reservation, led by Manisha Pande, one of the founders of Village Ways. A small but expert team spread between Mumbai, Delhi and Binsar, you are bound to speak to or meet Gauri, Madhu, Sandhya and Pooja when you travel with Village Ways. With good local knowledge of our partner villages across India and Nepal they are expert at putting together tailored itineraries for our guests and are always happy to talk through travel options and make suggestions to create the perfect holiday. 

Local Co-ordinators

Manisha Pande

In each destination the Village Tourism Enterprise is an autonomous business belonging to the community. We make sure that everyone with a role in the village tourism enterprises receives good training, and this is much appreciated by all involved. There is ongoing monitoring of how the benefits are spread around the households, and investment is put into ensuring guesthouses are maintained and improved. We engage a local person as ‘Coordinator’ for each area where we work. The Coordinators form the vital link with our community partners, helping to ensuring that our standards are maintained, logistic arrangements are efficiently made and that guests experience inspiring holidays.


Local Guides

Manisha Pande

Our guides, all from our partner communities, are the often unsung heroes of our trips. They are so important to making our holidays an enjoyable, often inspirational experience. The guides come from in and around our partner villages and are keen to share their knowledge and passion for their community. They accompany guests throughout their stay in the villages, introducing them to the area, local traditions and to the people they meet during their stay.



"The information and help which we got from you and your team, before we even left the UK, was second to none, and we felt very reassured that we were in good hands."














"Due to the experience in Village Ways, we have unity in our work, the unity of our village has been strengthened due to this." Khim Singh