The Ethiopian Highlands

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  • Wonderful walking, breathtaking views
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  • Simien Mountains National Park, protected wildlife

Monks in Aterow EthiopiaEthiopia is a place of wonder: dramatic mountains dissected by great rivers; escarpment-top communities with sensational views across a timeless landscape, where birds of prey soar in thermals and gelada baboons scamper down cliffs. The Simien Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are incomparable for their landscapes, history and culture. To the north of the Simiens, the rock-hewn churches of Tigray remain one of the worlds 'best-kept secrets', described by some as the greatest of the historical cultural heritages of the Ethiopian people.  We are delighted to recommend Tesfa Tours for unforgettable holidays in Ethiopia.

A rugged walking journey

The highlands of Ethiopia boast a landscape unlike any other, with dramatic cliffs and sharp pinnacles intercepted by deep gorges, rivers and waterfalls. Exploring on foot is the adventure of a lifetime, and these treks with your own private guide are quite amazing. Walk between and stay with mountain communities, discover the astonishing rock-hewn churches of Tigray and visit Lalibela, or encouter walia ibex, caracal cats and gelada baboons in the Simien National Park.


Collaboration: Tesfa Tours, Village Ways and African Wildlife Foundation

After five eventful and exciting years of collaboration in Ethiopia, Village Ways has helped to complete the creation of four village community tourism enterprises. In Tigray Province, Village Ways funded a new village guesthouse for the community of Seheta to link in with those already created through funding from Manos Unidas. On the fringes of the Simien Mountain National Park we have created three village tourism enterprises in partnership with the African Wildlife Foundation. Tesfa Tours has a long tradition of working with and caring for Ethiopian rural communities; our partnership with Tesfa Tours has been successful in expanding wider opportunities for genuine community tourism. The administration and operation of these Ethiopian guesthouses will be handled though Tesfa Tours, based in Addis Ababa.


Simien National Park

African Wildlife Foundation is closely involved in the development of the Simien National Park; this initiative is a vital way of extending the Park's reach to these neighboring communities both for the enjoyment of visitors and at the same time engaging communities in park conservation.

The aim is to help protect sensitive wildlife areas by creating community-run guesthouses, thereby generating vital additional income which reduces the need for agricultural practices which risk damaging wildlife areas, and gives communities a stake in conservation.


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Tesfa Tours offer privately guided and small group trips in the highlands of Ethiopia, staying in 'tukul' guesthouses owned by local communities. Book directly with Tesfa Tours and please mention Village Ways when booking.

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