Mountains and Vineyards of Georgia


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We are delighted to recommend Living Roots in Georgia. A typical holiday might include the splendid wineries and monasteries of Kakheti in the lowlands of East Georgia and the breath-taking mountains and valleys of Tusheti. Discover a fascinating country, full of surprises. Enjoy delicious local food, and wine made in traditional qvevris. Walk in the rugged Caucasus mountains between traditional farms and stone villages, accessible only by foot. A wonderful exploration of one of Europe's most fascinating and hospitable countries.


Into the Vineyards

Kakhetian nectar - Georgian winery

Venture east into Kakheti province - home to some of the country's most splendid landscapes, wineries and ancient architecture. Explore the vineyards, where wine is made in traditional, vast clay Qvevris, and sample the local wines. Visit the delightful town of Sighnaghi, enjoy delicious local delicacies and visit fascinating ancient monasteries.


Walking in the Mountains of Tusheti

Tusheti landscape - Georgia

From the wineries in the Georgian lowlands,  travel up into the mountains of Tusheti, where handsome, stone villages cling to the hillside. This is the heart of the Caucasus mountains, with rugged mountain villages in astounding landscapes, and an extraordinary tradition of hospitality, continued by your friendly hosts at the small guesthouses where you stay. Enjoy fine walking through the valleys and hills.

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Living Roots offer privately guided and small group trips in Georgia, tailored to suit you. They also arrange horseriding trips and cookery classes. Book directly with Living Roots in Georgia and please mention Village Ways when booking.

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