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India, Ethiopia, Nepal

Experience some of the most beautiful and remote places on Earth in unique ways, staying in villages that benefit directly from your presence. These award-winning, sustainable holidays offer unforgettable experiences, with wonderful walking, culture & discovery.
We offer a tailor-made service and look after you all the way - right from the moment of your arrival.

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Our Destinations Enjoy village life with adventures across mountains, coast, jungle & desert

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School Grand Opening

Kharpani school rebuilding is complete, thanks to generous donations from friends of Village Ways. Here's the latest from the school

India to Nepal: a guest perspective

"The scale of it all was mind boggling; walking in the UK will be disappointing from now on!"

Guest Jon describes his holiday to Nepal.

Vibrant life in the Valleys - a guest blog

"Children, goats, buffalo and women young and old chatting on doorsteps tell of a timeless tradition and again that sense of order in a chaotic world grabs at my heart."

Guest Jen shares her experience in Bisar and Saryu