Discover Binsar - Women's Group Holiday

* Small group for female travellers  * Ideal introduction to Indian Himalayas  *  Walking, culture, village life

This special small group holiday offers fascinating insights into life in the foothills. Exclusive to female travellers, you are looked after from the moment of your arrival, with all travel arrangements in place and a guide throughout your holiday, allowing you to experience this unspoiled corner of India in comfort.

This holiday has fixed departure dates of 1st May 2017 and 16th October 2017.

Stay in charming mountain villages, enjoy some wonderful walks and experience the traditional way of life in the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary. Perfect for single female travellers who wish to travel in company.

Your stay starts with two nights at Khali Estate, a wonderful old residence, where your rooms are in stone 'round houses' amidst the surrounding trees. From Khali head through the pine-forest to experience the individual character and warm hospitality of the Binsar villages. You stay in three villages and in two of them for two nights, for a good balance of wonderful walking and cultural exchange, with splendid views and tasty vegetarian food.

Village Life

On the days you spend in the villages, you have the opportunity to join in and learn about the local customs and the work of the women in the communities. Many of our guests have told us this participation has been a highlight of their Indian experience. Each village of Binsar gives its own special welcome, and each has its own personality - but all are the home of mountain people, hardworking, stalwart, warmly hospitable. At the villages you may wish to watch or help harvest the fruit, tend the buffalo or work in the fields. On the walking days, you walk on average 4 hours, along gently winding forest paths.

This holidays has a fixed departure date of 30th March 2015. Transfers to the guesthouse on arrival are not included; choose to add transfers and extra nights in Delhi.

Outward Journey

Day 1 (1st May/16th October)

Meet and welcome at 12pm at Delhi guesthouse. Meet the group and enjoy an afternoon guided tour of Delhi. Dinner with group, night in Delhi guesthouse.

Day 2

A full day in Delhi gives you time to explore this vibrant city, with a car and driver for the day. Spend a second night in Delhi guesthouse.

Day 3

An early morning train takes you to Kathgodam, from where you have a road transfer (4 hrs) to Khali Estate for dinner and overnight stay in twin room garden bungalow.

In the Binsar Sanctuary

Day 4

Enjoy a full day and night relaxing at Khali Estate.

Day 5

You visit and stay in three of the Binsar villages and in two of them for two nights. You walk between villages in the company of your local guide with your luggage carried by village porters. You stay in simple twin rooms in the village guesthouses with breakfast, picnic lunch and dinner. Get to know the communities and experience the traditional way of life.

Day 10

Walk back to Khali Estate for another night stay.

Homeward Journey

Day 11

After lunch road transfer (4 hrs) to Kathgodam to catch the overnight Ranikhet Express to Delhi.

Day 12

Arrive at Old Delhi station, transfer to Delhi centre and onwards to Delhi airport.


You will meet the your Village Ways representative and the rest of your party in Delhi and travel up to the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary together. We do not include transfers to the guesthouse from the airport for the outward journey, however we are happy to arrange this on for you at a supplement.

Your holiday includes rail journeys to the hills, accommodation in Delhi, the village guesthouses and at Khali Estate with all meals provided throughout your stay in the hills. As the guesthouses provide simple twin bedroom accommodation, this holiday is offered to single travellers on a shared-room basis.

As this is a group holiday, it is not possible to add extra nights during your stay in the hills. If you wish to add an extra night in Delhi before or after the itinerary, this can be arranged.

Booking enquiries: 01223 750049