Saryu and Pindar Valleys, holidays in the Foothills of the Himalayas

Towering Himalayan peaks, alpine-like pastures, magnificent walks and hill-side villages - these special places are our dream vision of the Himalaya, with the great high peaks so close. Savour majestic panoramas; listen to the chatter of women in the fields and the tinkle of bells from the goat herds. Experience village guesthouses renovated from ancient buildings and a fine tented camp in the high hills with extraordinary balcony views of the immense high peaks of Indian Himalayas, vistas you will remember forever. The Saryu and Pindar Valleys offer inspiring walking holidays in extraordinary surroundings.


Holidays deep into the hills

Deep in the heart of the Kumaon hills, just a few miles from the borders with Tibet and Nepal, lies Saryu where charming, self-contained communities spread along the valley. Beyond the villages and terraced fields there are open meadows fringed with rhododendron, valleys, waterfalls and snow-covered peaks. Neighbouring the Saryu Valley and closer still to the Himalaya, is the astounding Pindar Valley, whose river draws its water from the great Pindari Glacier. There is such a sense of space here, with mountains on a grand scale and great walking in an alpine-like landscape. Holidays here are captivating; stay in guesthouses created from beautiful traditional terraced 'berklays' and spend a night in the splendid tented camp on the ridge of a high 'bhugiyal' meadow with breathtaking views of the high Himalayan peaks. Walk from village to village against this spectacular backdrop - all bathed in the warmth of heartfelt hospitality.


Into the Pindar Valley, 13 nights, from £1,167


Superb walking, stunning scenery and five charming mountain villages. Enjoy stays in both the Saryu and Pindar Valleys, with a sense of being up close to the Himalayan peaks. You are privately guided throughout. This holiday is for good walkers with an average of five hours a day.


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The Complete Himalayan, 16 nights, from £1,257


With great walking possibilities, this holiday is a chance to enjoy the wooded valleys of Binsar in combination with the wonderful open mountain aspects from the Saryu and Pindar Valleys. Discover charming hillside communities, unrivalled views of the Himalayan peaks and superb walks.


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Saryu Short Escape, 3-4 nights


For guests who have existing travel plans in place or have limited availability, we offer a short break in Saryu or Pindar for a taste of vilage life and wonderful walking. Prices for short escapes include accommodation, meals and private guiding; travel can also be arranged if required.


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