Desert Dunes of Hacra

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Short breaks for guests based in India

A short drive from the vibrant city of Jodhpur - 'Gateway to the Thar Desert' - takes you to the small, hospitable village of Hacra, one of many tiny hamlets with round thatched cottages dotting the sweeping semi-desert landscape. Enjoy a three-night stay among the dunes and experience a true sense of community in this delightful hidden corner of Rajasthan. Stay in round thatched cottages, get to know the community, marvel at the diversity of wildlife and enjoy a camel trek into the dunes to spend a night under canvas.

Your stay in Hacra

Hacra jhumpa hutsYou stay in one of three, twin-bedded, thatched 'jhumpa' roundhouses, owned and managed by the community of Hacra. You eat, in the shaded dining area, simple and delicious vegetarian dishes lovingly prepared by the villagers. Meet farmers herding goats and cows or repairing camel saddles, help with the watermelon harvest, discover the local music. Enjoy local walks with your guide through the neighbouring hamlets in the cool morninngs and relax in the warmth of the afternoon and enjoy the gentle village scene as black buck, gazelle and peacock wander through the farmsteads without concern. Enjoy a day trip to the nearby town of Osiyan to see the renowned Jain temples.

Camel Trek into the Dunes

The highlight of your stay is a camel journey into the desert dunes spending a night under canvas beneath the desert sky.  The camel safari provides a gentle excursion through the scattered villages towards the main sand dunes, stopping for a leisurely picnic lunch. Sit out under the night sky with a myriad of bright stars - far from any light pollution.

Travelling to Hacra

Your Village Ways holiday includes return road transfer from Jodhpur to Hacra (2 hours).  All meals are provided during your village stay; meals during your journey are at your own expense. We can also make arrangements for your train travel from Delhi or elsewhere in India if you wish.

Tailor-made holidays

Our holidays are tailored to your exact requirements, allowing you to make the most of your time in the desert village. A typical stay might include 3 nights in Hacra, to provide a good balance between activity and relaxation. Our specialised team are happy to talk you through the options.

Contact our bookings team

We put together carefully-selected, customised itineraries that allow our guests to make the most of their time in the Thar Desert. All of our holidays for guests based in India are priced in INR and can be tailored to your exact requirements - please contact us to create your ideal trip.


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