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Manisha Pande gives Cape Town presentation

The Village Ways MD, Manisha Pande, traveled to Cape Town this week to join a panel of speakers discussing inclusivity in tourism, as part of the Responsible Travel in Destinations Conference within the Africa World Travel Market.

Village Ways at the Spring Bird Festival

Wildlife is an increasingly important element of Village Ways holidays, and many of our local guides have become true experts in this field, especially in spotting and identifying birds. We were invited to attend the Spring Bird Festival organised by the Indian state of Uttarakhand.

Madhya Pradesh - working together to make a difference

How we are collaborating with the Madhya Pradesh Ecotourism Board to create benefits for communities and inspiring guest experiences

Houseboat finally goes on 'green' voyage

The Goodearth, our Kerala backwaters houseboat, this week completed her 'maiden voyage' powered by reprocessed used cooking oil. Read more

Village Ways and Gender Equality - an Interview with Manisha Pande

Manisha Pande has been involved with Village Ways from its foundation in 2006. She is now Managing Director, based in India, in charge of an international team dedicated to creating sustainable village tourism enterprises. We speak to Manisha about her background, and how Village Ways supports gender equality in its partner communities.

Welcome to Dinesh Pande, our new Director

Those who have visited Binsar or Saryu are likely to recognise the familiar face of Dinesh Pande. He has worked with Village Ways from the beginning, and is a very well loved, dedicated and invaluable member of the team. And so it is with excitement and pleasure that we reveal his new promotion- congratulations Dinesh!

Sustainable tourism in a changing world - RTD8, Manchester

David Quick of Village Ways Partnership headed to Manchester for a conference on Responsible Tourism, and left with much food for thought and a positive sense that Village Ways is working in the right ways. Read his account here...

What our Communities say

In their own words, our partner communities describe how they feel about their work with Village Ways.