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The off season? Not in Binsar

Work is under way in Binsar to upgrade the guesthouses so they can now accommodate 8 guests.

10 years of working in partnership with amazing communities

Village Ways launched its first trips to India in 2006, having built guesthouses in the beautiful villages of Binsar in the Himalayas. We talk to some of our team about how the 10 years have helped their communities

From the mountains to the desert – villagers expand their horizons

In September, villagers from our partner communities in Binsar, in the Indian Himalayas, traveled deep into Rajasthan to visit Hacra and experience another Village Ways village.

Recent Nepal visit finds villages in positive mood

The Village Ways team in Kathmandu recently traveled to our partner communities in Sailung to help prepare for the autumn season, and to meet to discuss rebuilding the local school, for which we have been raising funds since the 2015 earthquakes. Further funds are needed to complete the rebuild and we would like to ask for your support.

Getting ready for the new season!

The end of summer is always an important, exciting and busy time in our partner communities, as preparations for the new season reach their peak.

Homestays or Village Ways?

Are Village Ways guesthouses homestays? One of our partner communities tries to balance priorities when deciding whether to become part of a homestays network.

Small but important: micro-enterprises in the villages

Small businesses flourish in many of our partner communities, testament to a spirit of resourcefulness and sheer hard work. In a tiny village in south India, one local man makes oil from lemon grass and eucalyptus leaves.

A Helping Hand, Madhya Pradesh

Our Training Officer, Deepak Joshi, recently spent time in Madhya Pradesh making sure the local communities were fully prepared to receive their first guests