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School Grand Opening

Kharpani school rebuilding is complete, thanks to generous donations from friends of Village Ways. Here's the latest from the school

From Supi to New York - empowering women in the Indian Himalayas

Our Charitable Trust has been helping our communities in the remote villages of the Indian Himalayas, with an emphasis on improving the health and financial independence of women

Himalayan Health Camp

The Village Ways Charitable Trust does amazing work in our communities. At the end of October, they organised a ground-breaking health camp high in the Indian Himalayas

Making healthy villages!

The Village Ways Charitable Trust does great work in our partner communities, with a real focus on women's health and education, and gender equality.

News from the Village Ways Charitable Trust

The Village Ways Charitable Trust supports our partner communities in many ways. Here is an update from Supi in the Himalayas, where it is working to help promote better health for women.

The Supi Centre - helping women meet challenges in the Indian Himalayas

The Village Ways Charitable Trust is continuing to develop plans for a new centre in the village of Supi in the Indian Himalayas. Read more about how a recent study visit reveals the challenges faced by women in these beautiful, but very remote, communities.


A centre for women’s health and empowerment!

The initial phase of development for a community centre to support the lives of women in remote Supi village, Saryu is under way. Read here for more details...

Green Fuel a step closer in Kerala!

After 15 months of effort by the Village Ways Charitable Trust to purchase and procure the equipment to enable the KGVS ladies to process waste cooking oil into fuel for the Village Ways Goodearth houseboat the fuelpod2 has finally arrived in Kerala.