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Prize-winning guides

We announce the 2015 winners of the Narayan Singh Bisht Memorial Prize for Guides' Stories, with full details and the prize-winning account of the 2015 Nepal earthquake.

Watch Hem Joshi talk about his life as a guide

Watch a stunning short film about Hem Joshi, one of our guides in the Himalayas

Our guides tell their stories

Our guides, all from our partner communities, are the often unsung heroes of our trips. They are so important to making our holidays an enjoyable, often inspirational experience. Each year we hold a competition and choose the best of their stories.

Changing lives in India - one woman's story

So often, training is the catalyst for positive change in our partner communities, as illustrated by the story of Smitha, who is now a guide in the village of Mothakkara in the lush hills of Kerala, southern India

Guiding work brings fresh perspective on life

How Arvind returned to his home village from Bangalore, and is now helping guests discover life in his community. Arvind, too, is learning some valuable life lessons from the guests!

Guide Profile: Tara Singh from Malla Supi

Meet Tara Singh, a guide from the Indian Himalayan region of Uttarakhand. Working for Village Ways has helped him return to his remote and rural family home and support his own young family.

'Twitching' to go!

Guides from Binsar and Saryu have come back from a state organised advanced bird watching camp armed with new techniques, stories of new and exciting spots, and most of all eager to put into practice all they have learnt.

Radha, a true guide

Meet Radha from Mothakkara village, where one of our newest guesthouses is nestled in the Wayanad hills of Kerala, Southern India. She is one of our most experienced guides, and knows everything there is to know about her Village and the surrounding area...