Category: Guest experiences

India to Nepal: a guest perspective

"The scale of it all was mind boggling; walking in the UK will be disappointing from now on!"

Guest Jon describes his holiday to Nepal.

Vibrant life in the Valleys - a guest blog

"Children, goats, buffalo and women young and old chatting on doorsteps tell of a timeless tradition and again that sense of order in a chaotic world grabs at my heart."

Guest Jen shares her experience in Bisar and Saryu

India's villages, through the eyes of a city-dweller

Our communities welcome guests from all over the word, including from India's cities. Here, our guest Santi tells how she and her family loved discovering India's quiet side

Top 5 ways to enjoy autumn in the Himalayas

Crystal clear mountain views, calm weather, beautiful colours – there are so many reasons why travellers rate autumn as the best time to head to the Himalayas. Here, we round up our favourite ways to enjoy the season

The birthplace of Buddha

Visit the fascinating site of the birthplace of Buddha, as part of our India to Nepal holiday.

Wonderful temples in Karnataka, south India

Enjoy a wonderful temple tour while staying at our lovely Spice House in Hulgol in the warmth and sunshine of Karnataka in south India

5 great holiday experiences for March & April

Spring and early summer are wonderful times to visit our regions of India and Nepal. There are so many inspiring holiday experiences to enjoy at this time of year, and here is our choice of 5 of the very best

Ethiopia through young eyes

We recently arranged a trip to Ethiopia for a family from Maharashtra, India. We were delighted to receive this wonderful account of the holiday from young Atharva