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Meet the Team

Meet the Village Ways sales team: Gauri, Madhu, Pooja and Sandhya are ready to help create your ideal trip

Learning French in the mountains of Nepal

Our language trainer, Katie Van Haeften, recently revisited our partner communities in Nepal to give some refresher training in French. She reports on progress

Bienvenue en Inde!

Working with partner travel companies is incredibly important for Village Ways. Our plans to bring French guests to India and Nepal in partnership with La Balaguere have been progressing well.

Nepal team train in Indian Himalayas

Training is a huge part of what Village Ways is about. Good training develops so much more than the skills needed for specific jobs – it can also enhance lives and bring important new opportunities. Our Nepal Regional Coordinator Sunil Daley reports … 

Chai anyone?

Volunteer English language trainer, Jessie Laing from Australia, set off to Southern India armed with the advice to be prepared to drink lots of tea during her stay there. Prepared she was, as she loves a cuppa, but she didn't anticipate how over the sweet and spicy chai- very different to a typical Aussie brew- she would come to make lifelong friends and be accepted so well into the village.

A community education!

Volunteer English Language teacher Jessie Laing, headed to Mothakkhara our new guesthouse in the heart of rural Kerala, to find one of India's best kept secrets and an extraordinarily welcoming community. Its no surprise she found her time there came to an end too soon!

Parlant français dans l'Himalaya? Bien sûr!

Guides from the villages of Binsar and Saryu in the Indian Himalayan Foothills have been mastering the art of French speaking as Village Ways opens up to the French market!

Successful committee meeting at Supi.

coordinator Pooja sends an update from Binsar...