Watch Hem Joshi talk about his life as a guide

Posted in Guides on Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

Film-maker Mike Erskine visited the Himalayas in April, and has made some wonderful short films for our website. In the latest, Hem Joshi, a guide based in the Binsar hills, talks about his life as a guide, and how his work has enabled him to continue to live in his family home rather than leave to seek employment in the cities.

We love this film, which captures so much of the spirit of Village Ways, showing not just the wonderful landscapes, but the people that make our holidays so special.

Mike's other films are equally beautiful, one showing what it is like to holiday in the Binsar villages, the other capturing the magic of walking in the Saryu and Pindar valleys.

We are very grateful to Mike for his skill, expertise and natural empathy. You can contact Mike here.



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