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Posted in Charitable Trust on Monday, November 2nd, 2015

Progress has been good for the development of the Supi Health Centre, a project run by our Village Ways Charitable Trust. The aim is to bring much-needed health service provision to these remote communities (over a day's travel away from the nearest health centres), with a special focus on women's health. The new Supi Centre building is now complete, but the team has been busy laying the foundations for improving the health of villagers for many months. Here, our Trust team reports the latest developments, a ground-breaking health camp in the community.

It was a bright winter morning high in the Indian Himalayas and the village of Supi was bustling with activity. The sowing season had started and the local farmers were out in the sun at 6 am.
The teams from the Village Ways Charitable Trust, National Heart Institute and Dr Lal PathLabs had made the long journey north from Delhi to conduct a two-day health camp in Supi village from 23-24 October, organised by the Village Ways Charitable Trust.
Dr OP Yadava (CEO and Chief Cardiac Surgeon, National Heart Institute), was accompanied by his team of two doctors Dr Vinod and Dr Anubhav, and para-medical staff Mr Nirmal and Mr Mahipal. Dr Usha Yadava (Director Prof. Ophthalmology, Maulana Azad Medical College) had also come to look after eye patients. The doctors spent time examining patients, and distributed appropriate medicines. Dr Yadava also promised to sponsor stretchers for Supi to make the village better medically equipped.

Dr Vandana Lal (Executive Director, Dr Lal Pathlabs and resource person for our health project) was instrumental in reaching out to her philanthropic medical colleagues to support the Health Camp. She not only sent hi-tech lab testing machinery to the village but also encouraged her staff members Mr Praveen, Mr Rajender and Mr Vinod to volunteer to reach the village to conduct blood, diabetes and cholesterol tests for the local community. Their latest technology machines gave the test results immediately.
More than 250 people from the villages of Talla, Talai and Supi walked up through the hills to the camp. Training sessions were conducted and films on health awareness were played for the patients waiting in the queue for their turn or to collect their blood reports. A poster making competition for kids took place during the same time.
Our 30 PHEs (peer Health Educators) and two master trainers who are the face of VWCT’s HER Health project, and have been active in spreading awareness on critical health issues, played a major role in the camp, by going door to door to inform the community about the camp, ensuring that the camp was conducted smoothly, that patients were reaching the right counter and helping the doctors manage the crowd.

Many thanks to all the medical experts who made the trip and shared their expertise. We are also grateful to the National Rural Health Mission and Chief Medical Officer for supporting us and providing important medical equipment.
The camp was a success, the health needs of the community were catered for and the camp was able to bridge some of the vast gap between the community and accessible medical amenities.

Posted by Tanu and the Village Ways Charitable Trust team

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