Outlook Traveller in the Indian Himalayas

Posted in Guest experiences on Wednesday, May 11th, 2016

Outlook Traveller is a beautifully-produced travel magazine, and we were delighted to host writer Bibek Bhattacharya on a visit to the Saryu and Pindar valleys. Bibek's piece was published in the May edition of Outlook Traveller and you can read it here: http://www.outlooktraveller.com/trips/uttarakhand-the-magic-faraway-valley-1008780#25499
Bibek's words (and the accompanying images by Bibek and Puneet K Paliwal) really do capture the magic of these valleys, and, especially, the local communities. Outlook Traveller is produced in New Delhi, and we hope very much we will be welcoming more Indian guests to our villages. We are very pleased that we get a mix of nationalities as guests, with people from the UK, France and the US as well as Indian-based visitors. Everyone receives a truly warm and genuine welcome in our villages, and every guest visit directly benefits the host community.
Many thanks to Bibek and the Outlook Traveller team for their article, and to our partner communities for hosting!

To find out more about our trips to the Saryu and Pindar valleys, please call our team in India on +91 8108014999 or +91 9869005642