The best of the Himalayas – 5 reasons why you should visit this autumn

Posted in Guest experiences on Thursday, June 9th, 2016

We love the Himalayas, and members of the Village Ways team make frequent visits to these uniquely enthralling mountains. We launched our ethical walking holidays in the Himalayan hills 10 years ago, and the appeal remains stronger than ever. Now is the ideal time to book your holiday to the Himalayas for autumn, widely considered to be the optimum season for visitors.


1   The views are at their very best

After the summer monsoons, autumn brings clear, sunny days, and the finest mountain views of the year. All Village Ways trips to the Himalayas offer amazing panoramas, from the sweeping views to the great Nanda Devi massif from Zero Point in Binsar, to the 'balcony' views from our tented camp at Jaikuni Bhugiyal further north on the ridge between the Saryu and Pindar valleys.


2   See amazing flora and fauna

The hills and mountainsides are lush and verdant after the summer rains. Spot the different kinds of woodpecker in the forest, or eagles soaring above the pastures; you might see deer, pine martens, even the elusive leopard. There is still a rare and precious wildness to these landscapes.


3   Walking the Himalayas is simply incredible

To trek with your own private, local guide from village to village is an inspiring and privileged experience. Walk on ancient stone paths that still connect our communities, strolling past farmers and traders going about their work; rest on the banks of a mountain stream to enjoy a picnic. Look up to see the mighty high peaks soaring higher than any other mountains on earth.


4   Discover beautiful stone villages & the warmest of welcomes

There is a timeless quality to our partner communities, so remote and traditional, where life continues to rhythms unchanged through the centuries. There are no cars, just peace and calm. These are places to appreciate different ways of life, and to be welcomed warmly by your hosts. True hospitality is to be invited inside a simple village home to share a glass of sweet tea.


5   Your visit brings benefits

The communities in the Himalayas need visitors, and the very important economic benefits they bring, and with Village Ways the host villages receive these benefits directly. These are truly good holidays, good for the guests and for the hosts!


Where to go in the Himalayas

Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, North India - the perfect introduction to the Himalayas, with flexible walking routes for all abilities, and fantastic wildlife spotting. Superb views of the high peaks.

Saryu & Pindar, North India - wonderful, rugged walking routes and superb views of the nearby high peaks. Enchanting stone villages.

Sailung, Nepal - rewarding walking routes in an undiscovered region of Nepal, astonishing panoramas, the warmest of welcomes and fascinating local culture.