Recent Nepal visit finds villages in positive mood

Posted in Communities on Monday, September 26th, 2016

Sunil Daley, from our Kathmadu team, reports from his recent visit to Sailung. Sunil traveled there with Rudra, as the monsoon season was ending and the communities were busy planning for the new season.

“It was really refreshing to walk along the Sailung trails and to meet with community members from all four villages. They were all keen to know the guest bookings as they were very happy that guest bookings in October 2016 have increased after the fall in bookings following the earthquakes. Despite the wet weather, we had a very positive meeting in Kharpani, with members from the communities happy to contribute their precious time to travel and attend. People were very positive and willing to provide labour to help rebuild the school.”

It is great to hear that our partner communities are so positive about receiving guests and they are delighted that guests are booking to travel there once again. Now is a wonderful time to visit Nepal, and to know that your visit will play an important part in communities rebuilding and returning to normal life.


We still need raise a further £5,000 to complete to rebuilding of the school. Click here for further details and how to donate.

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