Trips that truly inspire - Stuti, 10, visits the Himalayas

Posted in Guest experiences on Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

10 year old Stuti recently visited the Himalayas, her first visit. She very kindly wrote to us when she got back, and gave us permission to publish her lovely story. Many thanks, Stuti, and we look forward to arranging more trips for you and your family!


"I was counting my days for my holidays and was happy to reach Binsar after our drive through the winding roads. I must say, the cold was like nothing I had felt before. I loved the room we got to stay in Binsar. It was like Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, only out of the fairy tale. I loved swinging in Binsar hotel’s hammock. I snapped pictures of everything, from the sunset to the Himalayas.

The next day we went to Supi. We hiked up the rock stairs to the little guest house with our nice guides. I met some nice people there and loved the fresh food. I loved the fire and the outside sitting place.
After that, we went to Jhuni. I freaked out when I saw a huge spider in the room. But the starry sky was unbelievable. The sky seemed like a shiny black table top sprinkled with salt. We could even faintly see the milky way. The lights were faint and we could not see much at night, so I went to sleep early.

We went to Jhakkuni the next day. My legs must have given up that day because I could not do the walk. When I got to the camp site. I was so happy that I flung myself on the bed and started to read. I was really impressed with the tents because I thought we would have to sleep in a sleeping bag but there were comfortable beds. But it was so cold, I couldn’t do anything. My fingers were frozen.

The day we went back to Binsar, I saw a leopard. It was very beautiful, especially the way its eyes glowed in the dark. I also saw a red fox. I really loved my trip and even though this was my first experience with Village Ways, I know it cannot be my last."