Travel inspiration, from our guests

Posted in Guest experiences on Friday, December 9th, 2016

We are constantly humbled to receive such positive comments from guests who take holidays to our communities. It is incredibly rewarding to our team to see how guests understand what makes our trips special, and we always share feedback with our partner communities.

Many thanks to all our guests who have taken the time to write to us!

Indian Himalayas

In Jhuni we were shown round their village by Tara and Hema (Khim Singh’s nieces) and they really brought it alive. It was the best evening village tour and we recommend that more of the tours be led by the local villagers, supported by the guides.
It was an amazing trip and the chance to stay off the beaten track and meet the village people offers a unique insight into the country and some of the social aspects of life that went beyond what we had expected. We are impressed by the ethos of Village Ways and would be very grateful if you would pass on our heartfelt thanks to all involved.
Mr Boyd and group (Binsar/Saryu, 2016)

One highlight was playing cricket above Dhur with local villagers and our guides on a Saturday afternoon. Another was visiting the Hindu temple above the tented camp, from which you have a 360 degree panoramic view of hills fading into the distance. Yet another was attending the drama and singing showpiece which local children in Kal-Juni put on for us on the night of Diwali.
Mrs Hayward (Saryu/Pindar, 2015)

Walking in the Himalayas


Secret Sailung, Nepal

Our personal highlights centered around being immersed in village life set in such a remote elevated area. We also felt honoured to be the first guests to return following the devastating earthquake. We appreciated the efforts made to reestablish the trek. After several days of hazy sun we were finally able to see the splendour of the high Himalayas from the peak of Sailung.
Mr Williams (Nepal, 2016)

It was such a privilege feeling we had seen the 'real' Nepal and met so many of its wonderful people - an opportunity we wouldn't have had if we'd gone on the usual kind of touring holiday. The amazing scenery and the whole experience will remain with us for a long time. Thank you Village Ways.
Mrs Maters (Nepal, 2015)

Majestic Nepal

South India

Being invited to take part in a family gathering to celebrate the annual sugar cane crushing was a great experience - we were made to feel like part of the family.
Mr Norton (South India, 2016)

We were delighted with this holiday adventure, we learnt so much about the local people and their way of life and environment, everyone was very, very friendly, kind and welcoming. Our experience of the potter, blacksmith, boat building, rope making and the impromptu invitation to a local wedding will remain as highlights of our visit. We were sad to leave our guides who were so informative and helpful. We liked the concept of helping to support small village communities via the Village Ways approach.
Mr Towler (South India, 2016)

Food in Kerala

A wonderful and unforgettable experience but the best part was the meeting of people, school parties, college students, villagers in their houses. Our guides so wanted to show us their way of life and and to discuss everything including religion and politics.
We would not have missed the climb up the Meenimutty waterfall or the Shiva festival with eleven elephants for anything.
Mr Sellar (South India, 2016)

Our holiday in India was a wonderful experience with many happy memories that will stay with us forever. The village stays allowed us to experience the real India and we were overwhelmed by the welcome and friendliness shown by all of the guides, cooks, housekeepers and villagers.
Mr Morgan (South India, 2015)


We did so much, learned so much and were very well looked after. The locals invited us into their homes and gave a real insight into how they live their lives. Our accommodation was a good compromise between they way the locals live and our standards, so we felt comfortable but not out of place. I think the Village ways project is an excellent way for the locals to help themselves and demonstrated what a community working together can achieve. They are rightly proud of the service they offer.
Mrs Walker (South India, 2015)