Top 5 ways to enjoy autumn in the Himalayas

Posted in Guest experiences on Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

Autumn is quite rightly the most popular time to visit the Himalayas. The views are clear, the colours warm and inviting. There are so many great ways to explore these captivating mountains - here are just a few of our favourites.



1   Sunrise on a mountaintop

To wake up at dawn, on a clear, crisp morning, then to peer out of your safari tent to see one of nature's great spectacles – sunrise over an incredible mountain panaorma – is the experience of a lifetime, and a highlight of two of our Himalayan adventures. Our trips in Sailung, Nepal, and the Saryu & Pindar Valleys, India, both include overnight stays in comfortable, fixed tents high up on the mountainside. Our guests all agree with us that these stays are among the highlights of the holidays.


2   Mountains & rhinos

Mountains and rhinos might not seem an obvious combination, but our India to Nepal trip takes you through the Himalayas to cross the India-Nepal border. You visit Chitwan National Park, a vitally important reserve for the critically endangered white rhino, as well as tigers and other wildlife. You then continue to discover our villages in the Sailung area of Nepal.


3   Gentle strolls, thrilling views

Our very first village guesthouses, over 10 years ago, were built in the pretty communities dotted around the warm, wooded hills of the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, deep within the Himalayan foothills. The walking is relaxed and flexible, the views of the high peaks quite breathtaking. Especially recommended for the autumn season.


4   Villages of the high valleys

High in North India and just a few miles from Tibet lie the valleys of Saryu and Pindar. We love walking here, but above all we love the authentic villages of stone-built houses. The welcome is humbling, and it is fascinating to see how people live in these remote, beautiful places.


5   Bird-spotting in Binsar

Eagles, vultures, woodpeckers … and so much more. The Binsar hills offer wonderful bird-watching opportunities, whether you are a true enthusiast or just enjoy amazing wildlife. Our guides have become expert in finding and identifying the birds of the region, plus you might spot deer, wild boar or even an elusive leopard.


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