Meet the Team

Posted in Training on Sunday, May 28th, 2017

Meet the Team

The Village Ways sales team met in Delhi recently, to reflect on the last year and look forward to planning the next holiday season. A small but expert team spread between Mumbai, Delhi and Binsar, you are bound to speak to or meet Gauri, Madhu, Sandhya and Pooja when you travel with Village Ways. When you call us it is likely to be Gauri who answers the phone; a keen trekker with in depth knowledge of all our partner communities. Madhu is a city girl and loves the contrast between the bustle and excitement of India's great cities and the beauty and tranquility of life in the remote villages. She can give you tips on the best sights that aren't on the usual tourist list and advise on great local restaurants in Delhi. Sandhya is a keen photographer and loves cooking. Her expertise lies in South India and she will be happy to suggest some new recipes! Wildlife enthusiast Pooja lives near Binsar and will be delighted to share stories of life in the Himalayan foothills. Between them they will advise and create your perfect trip, tailored to you. The whole team look forward to welcoming you on your next Village Ways adventure!



I joined Village Ways in Oct 2013. Before working with Village Ways I was a very shy and introvert kind of a person but now I have built tremendous confidence to face the outside world with love. Village Ways gave me a platform to explore the various parts of India through familiarisation trips. The whole experience was new and exciting for me, to step out alone and see the world through my own eyes. The most memorable trip was to the Saryu Valley, which was my first experience to travel solo. The whole team was very warm and welcoming, especially Deepak who made sure I was comfortable, and after meeting our whole team it made me realise how safe it is to travel solo with Village Ways as you know you are in best hands. This is the place which made me realise the importance of the work we are doing and how it is helping these village communities.  The trip made me fall in love with trekking. Since then I visit the Himalayas at least once a year. I love being in nature exploring new places. Living in Mumbai, I also spend many weekends exploring the nearby Sahyadris mountains.



I had worked in hospitals earlier for more than a decade before joining Villageways... As a mother of two growing children, I decided to quit the job as I was unable to hit the balance between the professional and the personal life... I heard about Village Ways through a friend of mine and my journey with Village Ways started about 4 years ago.... A complete city bred that I am...this was an unknown terrain. With a bit of nervousness I started the new beginning with a very enthusiastic team spread over the country, who have accepted me warmly. Life changed quickly with me and the idea of walking holidays has entirely changed my perspective towards holidaying.

As a newcomer in the organisation I was given  a great opportunity to visit the villages as part of training. I fell in love with the first walk to a village through the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, experiencing the nature at its best and the simplicity with which the communities stay in villages. The idea of working  for Village Ways itself has  made me conscious about the beauty of life beyond cities. Each village that I visited has its own flavour and wanting me to go back and visit.  My family has had an opportunity to experience the fantastic holidays. They are very happy that I work for such an organisation which has brought in a great deal of social awareness through its unique holidays. and I feel like it has helped me to re-discover myself.



I was inspired to join Village ways in 2012 both by my love for nature and my passion for supporting the local communities; I had been working in the handicraft sector before so my keen interest is to know about the local crafts. In my recent trip towards the Pindar Valley I came to know a group of weaving enthusiasts who have recently set up a weaving business to bring income to the villagers in Karmi and also to ensure that the skills passed down through generations and not lost. After a visit to the weaving shed, a 3 hour walk took us to the Pindar River. In lieu of a bridge, the locals use a hand pulled trolley to ferry passengers across the river, including the children on their daily journey to and from school, it’s great fun to see and enjoy the adventure.

Since joining Village Ways I had enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about the history of the area. Locally Uttarakhand is known as Dev Bhoomi or Land of the Gods, and  the mighty Himalayan ranges had inspired climbers, poets and nature lovers for many centuries.



Til now it has been a great journey with Village Ways.  A group of fine and kindliest people, all the people working with Village Ways work as a strong team. Specifically my experience with villageways has been great. My favourite places I’ve visited with Village Ways are Binsar & Saryu and Hulgol in Karnataka. Both places have their uniqueness. Binsar & Saryu you can have a great walk in between the forests and mountain, with great views and good wildlife. Karnataka you can see astonishing spice gardens, which will amaze you and give you in depth knowledge about the variety of spices we have and grow in India. They are neat, clean and very nicely organised. I have been there with my better half and we wish to take our son to these places when he is older, so he can explore things and enjoy nature, as well as gaining some knowledge about flora and fauna and the vast variety of spices. I have enjoyed the food in the villages but my favourite is still the parathas made in Supi village. I too enjoy cooking and it is great to try the different dishes of each area.

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