Village homestays in India & Nepal

Posted in Guest experiences on Friday, November 3rd, 2017

Homestays have become a much-loved way of experiencing local hospitality, and there are many excellent homestays throughout India and beyond. When you stay in a Village Ways village homestay, you are hosted not by a single family but by the village itself. This means the economic benefits of your stay, too, are shared widely. In our village homestays, you enjoy home-cooked food, with much of the produce sourced from the host village, and, in the company of your local guide, have the chance to connect with the local community and really understand how life is lived there.


Our top 5 village homestays in India

1 The Hill House, Mottakhara, Kerala

Everyone loves this special homestay, not least for the amazing food ('worthy of a Michelin star,' guests say), created by our extraordinary and dynamic all-female team of cooks and guides. They are happy to teach guests their art and to share recipes. Set in the warm hills, and surrounded by farms and plantations, the large village of Mottakhara is bustling and full of interest.


2 The Coast House, Pavinakurva, Karnataka

South of Goa, the coast of Karnataka is serene and unspoiled, the perfect place to relax and unwind. The Coast House is a favourite village homestay, with three twin-bedded guest rooms, each with an en suite bathroom. The spacious veranda is a feature of the house: a delightful place to sit in the cool evening breeze, looking out over cashew, acacia and coconut trees towards the Badgani river. Friendly village hosts provide great food and hospitality.


3 The Jhumpa Guesthouses, Hacra, Rajasthan

The homestays in Hacra are two traditional-style thatched-roofed jhumpa roundhouses. Each has a twin bedroom and there is a separate block for toilets and bucket showers. There is a wonderful dining area, open on one side. The stone benches and terrace in front of the jhumpas is an ideal place to relax in the evening as the sun goes down. Hacra sits on the edge of the immense Thar Desert, a truly magical wilderness.


4 Sarmul House, Khal Jhuni, Himalayas

In the heart of the Indian Himalayas, Khal Jhuni is a compact little village nestling in the bowl of an upper valley at 2,300 m. It is a small trading centre, straddling the main trails from Baichhem (near the Saryu river), Supi, Jhuni and Kathi. Trade is an important livelihood, as well as medicinal plants and farming. There is a delightful market centre/bazaar, including a little shop stuffed with essentials and selling tea. This village homestay lies by the narrow main ‘street’ (footpath!), along which all village life passes, including women with large head-loads of firewood, children playing cricket and mules with tinkling bells.The guesthouse was converted from a traditional Berklay house, with three guest bedrooms.


5 Myna House, Kathdhara, Himalayas

Built in traditional style by the communities, Myna House nestles amidst terraced fields in the lower part of Kathdhara. A paved terrace and flowerbeds extend round two sides of the house. There is a large sitting/dining room (with bokkhari stove), kitchen and guestroom on the first floor, and two guest rooms on the ground floor. This is one of those special places where you just feel incredibly at ease. A great favourite of our guests.