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Posted in Charitable Trust on Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

From time to time on our blog, we provide updates on the work done by the Village Ways Charitable Trust, which supports our partner communities in many important ways. You can read more about the Trust here.

As we have reported previously in our blog, the Village Ways Charitable Trust has been doing ground-breaking work with women in the villages of the Saryu Valley in the Indian Himalayas. With Phases I and II nearly complete, Phase III has now commenced in villages of the neighbouring Pindar Valley. The project is generously supported by Goodearth and by the Business for Social Responsibility's HerProject. Dhur village was recently host to a meeting to review progress on the preparatory stage and to launch the main project. Some Village Ways guests have stayed at the Dhur guesthouse and will recall the breath-taking scenery.

The Pindar Valley project is ambitious, covering 25 villages (within 10 Gram Sabhas – the Indian term for a body consisting of all persons whose names are included in the electoral rolls at the village level) lying in this remote region between the high Himalayas and the Saryu Valley. Ratnamala Kapur, Managing Trustee, attended the meeting to gain a sense of the acceptance of the Trust’s project. The team had prepared an updated map that shows the villages in which the project will be working.

Our village coordinators interviewed candidates for the Pindar Coordinator and selected Ms Deepa Danu. Amongst many reasons cited for her selection, their main criteria were: ‘expertise – note-taking ability, knows all the villages around”, “can address a large amount of population”, “seemed committed and sensible” and “she has fluency in the languages”. This was a wonderful endorsement of Deepa’s skills. The Trust has identified a young man, who has a masters degree in ‘Community Organization and Development Practices’, as the overall Project Manager. He comes with vast experience in field work and expertise in data analysis - both important criteria for the project.

Meanwhile, our coordinators have been actively engaged in ‘Community Preparation‘, meeting with the communities and Pradhans (village leaders), and creating an awareness of the Project’s objectives. The response has been overwhelming. The very committed coordinators have maintained detailed minutes of their meetings meticulously.

Please read more about the Village Ways Charitable Trust and how to contribute to the work that it is doing creating capacity for financial self-sufficiency in remote rural communities.

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