Practical help for Kerala communities

Posted in Communities on Thursday, December 6th, 2018

When we heard about the Kerala monsoon floods this summer, we kept in touch with our partner communities, especially Mothakkara, to see if families in the area needed assistance. The tourism committee members discussed with the Village Ways team how best to help affected families (mainly from neighbouring villages as Mothakkara was fortunate to escape serious damage) , and we joined forces with the local committee to help fund practical and much-needed supplies such as bedding. Subsequently, an NGO was able to provide these, so the committee has now decided to use the funds to provide other essential items as required by the people. These have been provided to 21 families.

We are proud of the local committee for its work with this, and thank them for their coordination.
In the meantime, Kerala is very much open for business, and all our communities are keen to welcome guests as always!

Manisha Pande


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