From rural India to central London - Sajana’s Experience

Posted in News on Thursday, May 23rd, 2019

In March, we held a special evening in London, attended by our MD Manisha Pande, meeting guests and discussing aspects of our work in rural communities. Pictuerd above are, from left to right, Himanshu Pande, Keith Virgo, journalist and writer Juliet Rix, Graham Edgeley, Sajana and Peter Hunt from our partners Inntravel. Here, Sajana writes about her experiences on her first trip outside India.

I set off for London on March 23, 2019 to participate in the promotional event organised by Village Ways. I travelled from my home town in Wayanad, Kerala to Calicut and from there I went to Mumbai to join with the other members on the trip, Himanshu, Manisha, and Ishita. They all being a family it felt to me like a family trip and they accommodated me like one! From Mumbai we went to London and there was a transit at Abu Dhabi airport. The three days we spend at London were beautiful. We visited Buckingham Palace, the national art gallery, parliament, London eye, and the surrounding areas. On the third day, we had a meeting of Village Ways and we met the guests who had visited me at Kerala earlier. It was a bliss to meet them and joy was immense when they gifted me lovingly.
I cherish most, the rest of the days spent at Cambridge. It was like in the movies, I would say, to be there in the spring. The greenery, trees that had a very few leaves but humbled by the flowers, the grazing team of horses and flock of sheep, and the weather astonished me. Keith and Sandy who accommodated us there have a special place in my heart that I still think about their house, the dogs, and the cakes that Sandy made. I also miss their grand kids. The botanical garden was like a wonderland because the flora and fauna I saw there was never seen before. The dinner set for us by Mr and Mrs Edgeley was a treasure of love and taste! Later we visited Cambridge University.
While London is historically remarkable with mind blowing constructions and history, Cambridge was peacefully green and bought freshness to our hearts. I could experience all these only because I was taken care very well by the team. I thank Village Ways for giving me this wonderful opportunity!


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