Winter escapes in Kerala: A travel guide

Posted in Guest experiences on Thursday, August 1st, 2019

Winter is the very best time to visit the southern state of Kerala. The climate is ideal, with long, sunny days, low humidity and very little rainfall. The winter season in Kerala lasts from the end of November until the middle of February, following the northeast monsoons of summer. It is wonderful to escape the gloom and cold of a European winter by immersing yourself in the warmth and hospitality of rural Kerala.


Where to go and what to do

The warm Western Ghats

The classic Kerala holiday with Village Ways is to combine a stay in the lovely, spice-perfumed hills of the Western Ghats with lazy days exploring the unspoiled corners of the Backwaters.
Our base in the hills is Mothakkara, in the Wayanad district. This is a wonderful centre for relaxed exploration, and our team of all-female guides leads guests on local walks around and beyond the village, taking in visits to local artisans and farms. The Village Ways guesthouse, Hill House, is renowned amongst our guests for the quality of the cooking, and the warm hospitality received here. The food, based on the amazing local produce, truly is exceptional, with tasty herbs and spices.
The wildlife of the Western Ghats is rich and varied, from large numbers of elephants to numerous rare species of birds.


The Kerala Backwaters

We love the quieter corners of the Backwaters, well away from the sometimes overcrowded area around Alappuzha. In our area, the Goodearth houseboat is one of the very few to explore the quieter villages, and it is a true pleasure to relax and watch the landscapes unfold before you. Watch fishermen at work, and the sea eagles that compete with them, and visit traditional villages full of interest.


Fort Kochi

This historic district of modern Kochi makes the perfect starting point for a holiday to Kerala. Explore the bustling centre, with its heritage of buildings from the Portuguese, Dutch and British colonial periods, and enjoy a good range of cafes and restaurants.


Kerala cuisine

Great food is a big part of a trip to Kerala. Everyone loves the creamy dishes (often using coconut milk or grated coconut), which fuse Arabian and French traditions into Kerala culture. On the houseboat, you often eat freshly-caught fish, while vegetarian dishes dominate at Mothakkara.


Combine with Karnataka

Adjoining Kerala to the north is Karnataka, and a winter holiday combining both regions is easy to arrange. Relax on the coast in our partner community of Pavinakurva, and in the spice gardens of Hulgol.


The winter climate


The average temperature is between 27°C and 28°C. Highs can reach a sizzling 32°C and temperatures rarely drop below 23°C. However, in Kerala's highlands, where the climate is cool throughout the year, winter temperatures often fall below 10°C.


Winter in Kerala also sees very little rainfall and humidity. The winter months of December, January and February are, in fact, the driest of the year, barely receiving any rainfall whatsoever compared with the drenching monsoon season. January is the driest month, followed closely by February. Each month has just 3 wet days on average.

Sunshine Hours

Winter is also the sunniest time in Kerala. December sees 7 lovely hours of sunshine, which increases to 9 hours in January and February.

With warm weather, sunshine and little rainfall, winter is a great time to visit Kerala and escape the cold weather of the UK. In fact, it is often named as the best time of year to visit the region, as travellers can soak up the sun and avoid the wet monsoon season.


Travel options

Most of our guests fly to Kochi from Mumbai, although you can also take overnight trains down from Mumbai. Our expert team in India will advise on all the travel options, and we arrange all trains and transfers to ensure your holidays goes as smoothly as possible.

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