Communities given help to fight Coronavirus threat

Posted in Charitable Trust on Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

When Village Ways established the Village Ways Charitable Trust, the aim was to provide complementary ways to help our partner communities – for example, by assisting with new income streams beyond tourism, and developing health education programmes. Helping communities combat a global pandemic would have seemed a bit far-fetched then, but has become, unfortunately, a stark reality now. So it has been heartening to see the Trust step up to the unique challenges posed by the current crisis, and provide practical support to our partner communities in vulnerable, remote communities in the Indian Himalayas, all of which are very distant from hospitals.

This report is from Ratnamala Kapur, Managing Trustee:

“We sent a letter out offering support on the 18th of March, to the Government MOIC , Community Health Clinic, Kapkot , Bageshwar District , offering Villageways Charitable Trust support to the governmentt at the Panchayat village level. This was accepted. The thought that the epidemic could spread into our Himalayan villages is frightening, as community spread would be so hard to contain.

We are working alongside government Ashas’s , distributing pamphlets and answering innumerable queries on the Covid 19 virus. They report back that many people returned to their villages from cities. Here too, the Trust frontline workers have been extremely responsible, teaching the community the importance of self isolation and quarantine for those who returned to their villages.

At the same time our worker have been following every precaution and protocol for their own safety.”

In the south of India, Village Ways regional coordinators have been checking on our partner communities, and, as of early April, there are no cases reported.

We wish all our supporters and partner communities well during the crisis.




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