Radha, a true guide

Posted in Guides on Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Radha is perhaps one of our most experienced guides, with a deep knowledge of everything and everyone in the Mothakkara area. She moved to Wayanad district from her family home in Kottyam, in south Kerala, on her marriage at the age of 20 years and has now lived in Mothakkara for 35 years. She is a proud grandmother, with a son who has a daughter, and a daughter with a girl and a boy.

Radha is secretary to a local women’s NGO, the Wayanad Social Service Society, and gives talks on the benefits of watershed management, and on thrift for NABARD. For many years she taught young Hill Tribe people in a crèche. She has also worked for the local library, delivering and collecting books - a mobile library service on foot. Her English is excellent, both spoken and written. Where did she learn? “I taught myself”, she explains, “Jessie, the Village Ways trainer was a great help to me. And now I am learning French, thanks to Jérémie”.

Walking with Radha is truly a pleasure. She has an amazing knowledge of ayurvedic remedies and medicinal plants, as well as a deep understanding of traditions, mythology and farming practices. She is known to everyone and has a close affinity with many of the Hill Tribe people, whom she had taught at the crèche.

Fancy heading to the Wayanad Hills of Kerala and meeting Radha and other villagers of Mothakkara? Click here for more details

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