Artist Ann Holden creates recipe card mementos with the Charitable Trust.

Posted in Recipes on Friday, October 4th, 2013

The Village Ways Charitable Trust has been working with artist Ann Holden to create beautifully illustrated recipe cards for guests to purchase from our guesthouses. The recipes are from our villages and have also been posted on our blog. The trust team were inspired by her pen and wash illustrations she made during her visit to Binsar with Village Ways.

A little about Ann Holden

Ann was a veterinary surgeon in the UK for many years, before having a career change in 2000. She has recently qualified as a medical artist and combines this work with freelance medical writing.

She first visited India in 2000, on a charity challenge to raise money for the National Deaf Children’s Society (Ann is fairly deaf herself). She rode a bike for 500 km through Rajasthan and fell in love with the country (though not with the bike!) and raised over £3,200 for the charity. The following year, Ann spent four months in West Bengal (Kalimpong), working as a volunteer vet for Help in Suffering, a charity that was working (very successfully) to reduce the street dog population by neutering the animals and also to improve rabies control by vaccination. Ann’s most recent trip to India was with Villageways to the Binsar Sanctuary five years ago. She has kept in touch with the progress that has been made since then and has told her husband that Kerala is next on her list of places to visit!

The recipe cards

The illustrations for the Binsar/Saryu recipe cards have been taken from Ann’s original pen and wash illustrations that she did while staying in the Binsar villages. Those for the Kerala cards have been created more recently, using material sent to her by Villageways. The recipes have been sent by Villageways Charitable Trust (and tested by those involved!) and Ann has created the cards from all this information. She hopes that visitors to the villages will enjoy these as mementoes of their holidays with Villageways, knowing that purchase of the cards is playing a small part in raising funds for the Villageways Charitable Trust.

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