A centre for women’s health and empowerment!

Posted in Charitable Trust on Thursday, August 14th, 2014

We’re very excited here at Village Ways, as long laid plans for a community centre in the remote, Indian Himalayan village of Supi, Saryu are starting to be put into action through the fantastic work of the Village Ways Charitable Trust .

The aim of the project is to see the lives of women of the area supported through healthcare provision and education, and through creating alternative means of income generation. The issues of access to sustainable income generation and reproductive health and awareness were recognised by local women and the Trust as being two of the main sources of difficulties for women in this remote area, through lack of access, opportunity and education.

The Supi Centre is designed as a space, to be supported by the Trust and state healthcare providers, for women to have access to training, and to work on, create, store and market handicraft and tailoring work; alongside a space for a regular local health clinic with access to education focussing on reproductive healthcare and hygiene.

The Trust has been working really hard on this project and we are very excited to announce that the initial phase of development is now under way. Progress so far has seen land allocated and levelled out, foundations dug, and stone sourced locally for the build.

The future of the project does rely on outside funding commitment and we’re very grateful to those who have already offered their support for this initiative, and we hope more offers continue to come in. We’re thrilled that our UK travel partner Inntravel has pledged their support and funding in a most generous manner to get us closer to making this project a reality. We look forward to keeping you posted with future updates from the Supi Centre.

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