Nepal team train in Indian Himalayas

Posted in Training on Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

Sunil Daley reports on extensive training undertaken by our team from Nepal, who visited the Indian Himalayas in August and September this year.

We had originally planned for on-site training of our local staff at the Nepal village tourism enterprises, but then decided that the experience of travel to India and interaction with an ongoing successful project in the Indian Himalayas would be far better.

So the Nepal team organised the trip and experienced for the first time cross-border train travel - something usually unknown in Nepal. On arrival at Khali Estate in the Indian Himalayas, meetings with Indian team leaders and counterparts proved an incredibly worthwhile experience.

Dinesh Pande, our Director, and Pooja, the RegionalCoordinator joined Kumer and our English and French language trainer, Katy van Haeften from the UK, along with our guide trainer, Deepak, to meet the Nepal party at Khali. The next day, everybody travelled to Supi in the Saryu Valley, and stayed in the Village Ways guesthouses.

During the next two weeks, training was conducted in English and the experienced Indian team was on hand to introduce their Nepali counterparts to the practical management of the project. It was an astounding pleasure to watch the interaction of the Indian and Nepalese participants, as they exchanged views and interacted in such a positive manner, to meet the challenges they all share.

On their return, Sadaya and I conducted a meeting with the freshly returned Nepal team, found them positively enthused with a fresh view on things they hadn’t thought of previously and anxious to implement everything they had learned. 

Sunil Daley, Regional Coordinator, Nepal

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