Guiding work brings fresh perspective on life

Posted in Guides on Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

Our language trainer, Katy van Haeften, has recently been doing training sessions in the lovely coastal village of Pavinakurva. Here, she tells the story of Arvind, one of our new guides there.

Three years ago Arvind worked in Bangalore doing electrical maintenance. He told me that it was very expensive to live there and he did not enjoy the noise of the city. He says he is happier in the village with its local festivals and extended family life. Currently he works up to three days a week as an assistant to a land surveyor but during the monsoon there is less work. Sometimes he goes fishing with his father and brother who make their living as fishermen.
He was told about the opportunity of guiding for Village Ways by the Guesthouse president and became curious to know more after attending English training classes for a month or so. Then the guesthouse was built and opened on 14th October 2013.

He enjoys the job but would like more work and more income! Arvind told me that he never thought about the wildlife in his village before and is now keen to learn about the birdlife in particular. He also told me that he had been inspired by some of the older guests, who have come to his village with a spirit of enthusiasm and a wish to discover all about village life. “In my village”, he said, “People consider themselves old at the age of 60 and just sit around waiting to die! But now I know that one can take an interest in life and learn all sorts of new things at any age and I feel inspired!”

With thanks to Katy and Arvind.

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