Green Fuel a step closer in Kerala!

Posted in Charitable Trust on Thursday, October 31st, 2013

On 5th October Basheer announced that the FuelPod2 equipment had finally arrived in Chenganda and was handed over to the ladies of the Kayal Gramodaya Vinitha Sangam (KGVS). This marks the culmination of 15 months of effort by the Village Ways Charitable Trust to purchase and procure the equipment to enable the KGVS ladies to process waste cooking oil into fuel for the Village Ways Goodearth houseboat. The final step will be for Seetaram to provide necessary training for the ladies in how to operate and maintain the FuelPod safely. We hope that by the end of October, the Goodearth will be the first houseboat in Kerala to run on processed vegetable oil, thereby significantly reducing its adverse impact on water and air pollution in the backwaters.

 The Trust is grateful to the many people who helped to make this a reality, including members of Greenfuels Ltd of the UK, Mectech of Gurgaon and CAFS of Kochi, as well as the KG and KGVS members and Basheer. The Trust and KGVS members also wish to thank the generous donors who helped to make the venture possible.

 We will keep you updated on progress of the FuelPod and the KGVS ladies.