A taste of the warm south

Posted in Recipes on Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

With its amazing produce, from fruit and vegetables to spices and fish, south India is renowned for its tasty cuisine. Enjoying home-cooked food is one of the highlights of any Village Ways trip, and this tasty chapati is a favourite for dinner at the our ‘Spice House’ in Hulgol, Karnataka. Ravi Hegde, our guide, and 'NT' Hegde, our watchful housekeeper, kindly provided the recipe:

* Take two bananas and make into a paste
* Add 250 g of wheat flour and two tablespoons of sugar
* Mix thoroughly with water and pinch of salt
*Roll it out with a rolling pin
* Place on hotplate or in a pan to cook.
What could be simpler, to evoke a true taste of rural south India? Why not try it yourself?

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