News from the Village Ways Charitable Trust

Posted in Charitable Trust on Thursday, April 9th, 2015

April 7th is World Heath Day 2015, and it was timely to receive an update on progress with the Village Ways Charitable Trust's work in the Indian Himalayas. The Trust has been busy building the Supi Centre, which will be an important health resource for women in this isolated valley, and offer space for women to work on and possibly offer for sale handicrafts and other goods. As the building takes shape, work has been going on in the community to begin the programme of health education that will, we believe, transform the lives of local women and families.
This week, the Trust launched its first module on nutrition in Supi. Deepa and Tara  - who have been trained as trainers by the Trust's network partner, BSR (Business for Social Responsibility) - began training our 30 volunteer Peer Health Educators (PHEs). The training went well, and the PHE's, all women from the local community, are excited about their role as trainers and becoming instruments of change in their village.
Each PHE will be closely interacting with 10 families, meaning the initiative is on target to reach 300 families.
This module will be 2 months long with PHE's under going refresher training , focus group discussion and interaction with the Village Health Committee.
The Trust would like to thank BSR for its support in this work. Tara and Deepa went to Delhi for focused training in nutrition, working closely with Tanu Goyal in the formulation of the module - complete with charts , flash cards, posters to make the training more interesting and easier for someone to understand who may not be literate. Having Tara and Deepa work along side Tanu (and Dr Vandana Lal) in the creation of the module ensured it would be focused along 'local Kumaoni' foods.