Learning French in the mountains of Nepal

Posted in Training on Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

Language training is key for our guides, and with French guests now visiting through our travel partners La Balaguere we have been making sure guides are ready to accompany French guests as well as Anglophone visitors. Our language trainer sent us this report from Nepal:

All the guides in Nepal had covered the initial curriculum in India in the latter part of 2014. This time they had matured significantly and I was struck by their collective commitment, evidenced by signs of having revised and also spent time in the evenings supporting each other to really learn what we covered in lessons. I provided a basic French Learning Guide for each guide to keep. This proved very useful as an aide-memoir as it covered a lot of the material that they had been learning. I also left some card games (‘Pairs’) at the guesthouses in Teksing and Solambu, which we made from blank kits, and Flash cards with site-specific vocabulary, and gave the team a French/Nepali dictionary.
As there were guests at the time of my visit, I followed the team as they hiked the from village to village. Formal lessons usually took place after lunch or late afternoon for an hour to an hour and a half on each occasion and a further lesson in the evening after supper, followed by vocabulary acquisition games.
On the final day I tested each guide with vocabulary and phrases, so that we can assess future needs and help choose the guides who are best equipped for French guests.

With many thanks to Katy for all her good work!

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