Holidays deep into the hills

Deep in the heart of the Kumaon hills, just a few miles from the borders with Tibet and Nepal, lies the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, and further north the Saryu and Pindar Valleys where charming, self-contained communities spread along the terraced landscape. Towering Himalayan peaks, alpine-like pastures, magnificent walks and hill-side villages - these special places are our dream vision of the Himalaya, with the great high peaks so close.

The walking in Binsar is flexible, and open to everyone, along terraced fields and ancient forest paths that are quite magical. In Saryu and Pindar, enjoy leg-stretching walks through open meadows fringed with rhododendron, waterfalls and the snow-covered peaks beyond. Above all, you discover the wonderful village communities, staying in comfortable guesthouses and enjoying fine, natural hospitality.

Our holidays in the Himalayas

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