The warmth of South India: Kerala and Karnataka

From the labyrinthine backwaters and Wayanad hills of Kerala, to the fishing villages and spice plantations of Karnataka, South India is a constant delight.  Explore lush forests and sprawling plantations, discover charming hill stations and secluded beaches. Enjoy a stay in a wonderful, traditional-style houseboat, built and managed by the local communities. The gentle pace of life combined with spectacular scenery will delight and enthrall.



Our holidays in Kerala and Karnataka

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What our guests say

"We will long remember the blizzard of smiles, the beauty and complexity of Hinduism and
the sounds of the forest. If you approach this trip with an open mind and heart and return those smiles, you will be repaid tenfold. The mixture of village life with some well placed hotel stays is just right and you feel you are seeing much more of the real lives of people rather than just going from one tourist attraction to another."

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