May 2020 update


In the light of the current pandemic, we are not able to accept bookings from guests for the rest of the current season (to end May 2020). We hope very much that departures from autumn 2020 will proceed as normal, but we understand the dilemma of fixing any travel plans during the current global health crisis. We urge you to continue to support Village Ways, and we promise you the flexibility to change your plans, if you need to.

Therefore, you can switch to another destination or move your travel dates up to 31 days before you’re due to depart, and we will provide you with a travel credit to the value of your original booking. If official travel advice remains in place against all but essential travel to any destination you are visiting, we will cancel your trip for free, or we will give you a full travel credit. You can put your credit toward another Village Ways trip for at least the same value.

We are working closely with our partner communities during this crisis, and please follow us on Instagram to find images and updates from all over India, as well as from our villages in Nepal and Bhutan. We thank all our guests for the support they show us by choosing to visit our partner communities, and wish everyone well during these difficult days.

responsible tourism

How we work to bring positive change for our partner communities

Practical steps towards sustainability

We use local materials, and local labour, in building our guesthouses, employ low-usage water systems, use solar power for water heatings and lamps in communities that remain 'off grid'. We encourage crop diversification so that communities grow fresh food for guests.

Direct benefits for host communities

Our kind of responsible tourism brings tangible economic and social benefits, with employment opportunities for young people who might otherwise emigrate to cities. The tourism income complements rather than replaces other income so that households do not abandon traditional work such as farming. We promote gender equality and social inclusion.

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